Photo Like A Pro Workshop

Who doesn’t love a good workshop?!

Attending a workshop gives you a chance to learn a new skill, perfect your craft and network with others who have a similar interest.

This workshop was designed for the creative business owner who photographs his or hers own products, instagram images or portraits (aka the sophisticated selfie). How many times have you stopped scrolling through Instagram or Facebook only to be in awe of an influencers gorgeous photo that they took themselves?! Sometimes it’s just a flat-lay other times its a beautifully lit image of themselves. I don’t know about you but it happens to me all the time!

Do I need a camera?

Nope! If you have a cell phone with a good camera or a basic DSLR camera this is for you! What kinds of phones are ideal? Well… an up to date iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus or 10. You can even have a newer Android like the Samsung Galaxy, Note, Google Pixel and more.

How do I know this is for me?

Come one, come all! If you’ve suffered from lighting issues, uneventful setups and backgrounds, or just knowing where to start shooting things that matter, this is for YOU!

Work alongside fellow business owners, photographers and creatives to learn the steps in the creative process as a Pro Photographer. The photographer setup, camera settings and lighting tools are the most popular and sought-after skills in the entrepreneurial industry. Learning these tips and tricks will help you capture your followers attention.

Why is this different from mentoring?

This is group based mentoring and isn’t quite as in-depth. It’s a chance to learn the basics of the process. While this will give you tons of great information and practice, it is just the tip of the photography iceberg.

Ready to attend one of my workshops?

Just click below to grab your spot at the June 2nd, 2018 workshop in Peoria, Arizona.

Want some bonus tips and tricks?

Click here to join the Photo Like A Pro mini class via email.  

In this mini class, I will give you a taste of the full course. With 5 days of challenges, tips and tricks you can get yourself pointed in the right direction.  

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